our company

SYSEMC is formed by a team of Professionals in Information Technology, with extensive experience in providing solutions to a wide range of companies and organizations.

Founded in 2008 in a short time has achieved recognition as Partner of Microsoft, HP, NOD32, Alt-n and IBM, among others being one of the premier technology area, the quality of services and the success projects managed ..


Integrate and improve the use of technological resources in production processes and business customers. Always striving to improve the efficiency with which our business customers operations and use the resources they have.


Being able to be widely recognized nationally and internationally by providing high quality technology solutions and service.

International coverage and coverage in Argentina

We have a support structure of face-to-face and remote IT capacity of coverage throughout the country and in neighboring countries. The model of care focused on channeling support needs our technicians, deriving care of them to the remote or the mode of classroom assistance, depending on each need assistance. No matter the size or location of your company, we can assist you with the best solutions, the highest quality and appropriate cost to their possibilities.