Network Audits

The development of efficient processes under control and productivity measures are now two of the main objectives of a modern enterprise. Many companies do not know the technological resources they have or do not use them properly, which generates inefficiency in their own business processes

As Accounting Audit is responsible for control systems and accounting registrations. Computer Audit is responsible for verifying that their systems and processes work properly for which they have been developed and their digital assets are properly protected.

The auditing service network provides an accurate picture of network capacity to meet the limitations of it and if you are at a good level to suit the current needs of enterprise software.

Why you should perform a software audit?

  • The fast evolution of computer systems of companies, together with the change of structure in the company and a lack of knowledge and control of the IT department are examples of why your company may need a software audit. The information your company stores, along with its employees, is without doubt the greatest asset of your company.
  • Computer technology and software are continually evolving. The software used to manage companies are constantly changing, along with improvements and changes come turn new software and hardware requirements
  • The daily tasks of each company are simplified with the implementation of new management programs. Along with more powerful computers and servers.
  • Our team makes sure that not a victim of counterfeit software and your system meets all national and international regulations software