Cloud Office

Access everything you need for your work from anywhere. No installation, without technical knowledge easier and cheaper.

Your smartphone, tablet, notebook or your office PC; any device with a standard Web browser lets you access your cloud from the office, the taxi, the hotel or the beach.

The service requires no investment in hardware or licenses and monthly subscription includes fully customized user support, maintenance and permanent access to the latest available version of these applications update.

Move your business to the cloud

  • No investment tailor your plan to what you need, without spending more or buy new equipment.
  • Easy to useYou open the browser, and log into your office from anywhere in the world, instantly.
  • Secured Backup All plans have automatic backups available. And accessible only by your company.
  • Minimum Requirements Only a browser and an Internet connection is required
  • Your Office UnlimitedFully scalable to your requirements, your company will have no hardware or software limits
  • Multi Platform You can use it on computers with any operating system, it can save considerable costs in licensing.
  • Technology and safetyWe use the latest technology in servers and security. Using the best datacenters in the world.
  • Policy data We assure you, by contract, the possibility of obtaining data from the cloud after you have finished your plan.