SYSEMC Local Backup

Many companies do not have the infrastructure nor the specialized staff to perform backups properly. Therefore, often they performed on incorrect or redundant information. Before a possible system failure and inability to recover data quickly your company could be paralyzed, with the problems that might carry potential.

According to statistics, globally, it is estimated that 93% of companies that lose their business critical data just closing in less than five years, he had never taken the necessary precautions.

Have you a totally secure backupRest assured to have professionals in the area. Remember that data is imprescidibles for your company.


  • Integrity and security: We ensure the confidentiality and integrity of information in transit via an encryption process and compliance with the highest standards of quality and control.
  • Planning and analysis: We put our team to service validation and definition of its policy of backup, so you have a plan tailored to your needs.
  • Critical Specialty: We serve large and medium enterprises with immediate resolution of critical processes that require resort to backups. We are prepared to repair as quickly, any problems in your organization.