web filters

Users and programs access the Internet regularly. This can lead to your company is introduced so inadvertent malware or malicious software, in turn, may cause major damage. A web filter SYSEMC helps and provides security against these unwanted files.

Protecting the IT infrastructure against the dangers of the Internet is a fundamental task of the Web filter. Equally important is the control of the use made of the Internet. The web proxy filter type can be adapted so that the adjustment of these two key points is the ideal.

Protect your company

  • Tell secure sites that users can enter. Preventing unauthorized access to sites for your company.
  • Adapt itYou can separate department, person, area, or as you filter access to unsafe sites.
  • Protect your company from the risks involved in inappropriate or malicious web content.
  • Improve the productivity of your organization, by preventing access to unproductive sites such as games, social networks or messaging instant├ínea.Protege business risk posed by inappropriate or malicious web content.