Multipoint Wi-fi Networks

The premier Wi-Fi solutions offered by SYSEMC enable network operators, governments, municipalities and companies the ability to offer solutions Wi-Fi high-quality in urban and rural areas, with markedly fewer base stations and much lower costs. These solutions offer a high standard of reliability, quality of service, security and management.

And they can be managed centrally manage all APs on your network with software such as firmware updates, network monitoring, user management through its captive portal.

Multipoint Wi-Fi

  • Provide internet access across your business, farm, field, hotel, club, or physical space you want.
  • Hot Spot we perform the installation of Hot Spots or points for free wireless internet connection in different areas, such as squares or parks.
  • Scalable , provided you today the amount of access points required, increasing them when you want without extra equipment Acquire more than the required AP.
  • High speed to transfer voice, data, multimedia or what your company needs.