Cloud Backup

The Cloud Backup refers to copying data outside your company servers. Avoiding theft, floods, bad intentions, fire, natural disasters and more. Having a copy of your most valuable files on a secure, encrypted with the highest safety place. Can recover files from anywhere in the world, a PC with internet access is necessary.

Cloud Backup service, you can replace or supplement the supports on which the backup's are made with cloud storage. In this way, you know that you have a copy of your information accessible from anywhere at a location other than the usual of our systems. With the flexibility to choose how many versions or temporary window and want to keep a service model where you pay for the space you occupy your backups and the management and monitoring of SYSEMC.

Advantages of cloud backup

  • Cloud Backup is safe. Your data is stored on redundant infrastructure that will ensure you never lose. You can also encrypt them so that only you can retrieve
  • Cloud Backup is easy. No need to keep track of tapes or media that brings the outside or renew every so often, just say what and when to copy and SYSEMC will do the rest.
  • Cloud Backup is ubiquitous.Use the same system and the same storage space to backup equipment of their delegations or remote locations, including their business laptops or their teleworkers. When you need to retrieve the information, you may do to their original location or to any other.