Point to point Wi-Fi networks

The point-to-point connections are an ideal solution in cases where you need to interconnect one or more points safely and effectively. For example, they can be used in hotels or schools that span multiple buildings or companies with several office buildings.

To provide wireless coverage in places where there is no access to the wired network without giving up communication with this.

What are the benefits?

  • Network communication, Internet, video and IP telephony for a company, branch, lodge, ranch or facility located in remote areas where Internet services fail
  • Interconnection of networks in different locations or extent of one network to another, allowing file sharing, network printing, shared internet, network services, applications, intranet, etc .
  • Saving and sharing services across multiple locations, paying a single service and distributing it to their offices. .

    If you are interested in communicating their offices, branches, warehouses, stores, etc. This is the ideal way to reduce operating costs, and internet telephony option. Contact and let us know your needs to make a proposal for comprehensive communication of your business.