We have been providing technological solutions to first-level companies for more than 10 years.

Companies that trust us:

Pardo S.A.

Rava S.A.
de construcciones.

Equipamientos Bracco S.A.

Parsa-RS S.A.

Angel Sansoni S.A.

Sisgra S.R.L.

Gobierno de la Ciudad de Arroyo Seco.

Majofe S.A.

Rayco S.R.L.

Flexocolor S.A.

Corredor Panemericano I S.A.

Crisan Compañia de Seguros.

Estiba VGG S.R.L.

Rizobacter Argentina S.A.

Campiñas de Piñero S.R.L..


Oronao y Asociados.

Avenue Solutions S.R.L.

Cianci compañia de seguros.

Angelos Deportes.

Complejo Los Naranjos.

Tiendas Fusión.

We offer our clients everything they need for the successful implementation of global and / or local network solutions as well as the necessary infrastructure to make their data center work intelligently.

Through our experience in the field of technical knowledge, we are able to offer technologies, in the shortest delivery times, so that your business works in the most efficient and profitable way.

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