Unified Wifi 

SYSEMC's Wi-Fi solutions enable network operators, governments, municipalities, and businesses. To offer high quality Wi-Fi solutions in large places, such as warehouses, hotels, convention halls or anywhere you need it.

SYSEMC WIFI Allows you to centrally manage and administer all the APs in your network with its software, such as firmware updates, network monitoring, user management through its captive portal.

Customization and easy options for guest portals include authentication, Hotspot configuration, and the ability to use your own external portal server. Use UniFi's rate limitation for your Hotspot / Guest Portal package deals. Apply different bandwidth rates (download / upload), limit total data usage, and limit usage duration.

These solutions offer a high standard of reliability, quality of service, safety and handling.



Provides internet access throughout your company, property, field, hotel, club, or physical space you want.


Have the number of access points you need today, increasing them when you want without having to purchase extra equipment more than the required APs.


Real-time status, automatic detection of UAP devices, map loading, and advanced security options are seamlessly integrated into the system.

High Speed

We provide high speed transfer for voice, data, multimedia or whatever your company needs.

Some of our works

Wifi Unificado

Wifi Unificado

Wifi Unificado

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