Remote Work

We safely implement remote work. Allowing to carry out tasks at any time and place.

We analyze its IT infrastructure to provide you with the most appropriate solution to configure teleworking for all your staff. We safely implement remote work, avoiding losses in productivity and allowing us to carry out tasks anytime, anywhere.

Home Office Solutions

We provide VPN connections, which will give you access to networks that are not physically connected, such as the case of workers who are currently out of the office or companies with branches in several cities that need access to a single private network.

Providing you with the security that your company needs

We migrate your business information to the cloud to make it accessible 24 x 7 from anywhere. Reducing fixed costs and making the fixed presence of workers more flexible, allowing them remote access to their terminals.
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If you need to share, download, edit, and modify files securely and privately with members of your company.
Generate links so that your clients and suppliers can access the files they need, without having to send attachments by email.
Cloud Share is the service you need. A file storage service managed directly by your company, safe, reliable and simple.


Configuration of network protocols to implement work at home.


Implementation of remote access to terminals and servers housed in your offices.


Complete analysis of the network topology for the development of the most efficient solution for Home Office implementation.


Simultaneous access by multiple remote clients to physical or virtual servers.

All Home Office Solutions, in one place

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