Secure Networks

The security of the Information Systems is closely related to the availability, confidentiality and integrity of the information processed by the communication equipment and networks. 

Our solutions keep the network and online applications controlled all the time, avoiding downtime in organizations, guaranteeing uninterrupted network availability.

Identifying and eliminating failures to prevent recurrence, Monitoring applications and devices in all areas and departments.

Enforcing internal and external regulatory policies, managing all devices, networked systems and constantly controlling the use of bandwidth.

We have a comprehensive set of security management solutions that include.


Antivirus and antimalware on premise and cloud.


Configuration management and firewall security.


Control and use of internet, bandwidth and communications.


Monitoring, permission control. Access to networks, resources and critical applications.

Solutions we provide

  • Consulting implementation and configuration of software and security solutions.
  • Implementation of turnkey projects
  • Training for IT staff, computer security and audit area.

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