You can access everything you need for your work from anywhere. Without installation, without technical complications, easy and economical.
Your smartphone, your tablet, the office notebook or your personal computer; Any standard device will allow you to access your cloud from the office, the taxi, the hotel or the beach.

A solution for every need: choose SYSEMC Cloud Desktop if you need a ready-to-use virtual desktop.

Our comprehensive application and desktop virtualization service runs in the cloud. We have support for Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments. You can deploy Windows desktops and applications in just a few minutes.

The rapid growth of remote and mobile employees requires quick and easy access to corporate applications and device data of their choice.

We help remote and mobile employees access the applications users need by delivering a cloud desktop accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection and any compatible device.

No investments

We adapt your plan to what you need, without overspending or buying new equipment.

Easy to use

You open the browser, and enter your office from anywhere in the world, instantly.

Secured Backup

All available plans have automatic backups and accessible by the company.

Minimum requirements

Only a standard device and internet connection is required

There's still more

Office without limits

Fully expandable to your requirements, your company will have no more limits. Don't put limits on your growth.

Multi platform

You can use it on computers with any operating system, which can save you considerable licensing costs.

TecnologĂ­a y seguridad

We use the latest technology in servers and security. Housed in the best data centers in the world.

PolĂ­ticas de datos

Le aseguramos por contrato la posibilidad de obtener sus datos de la nube luego de la baja del plan.

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