Corporate Support

The growth of current technology and business speed makes the correct operation of your company's IT infrastructure essential.

SYSEMC support is an aggregate, high-level suite of services, delivered by professionals with a wealth of experience in mission-critical tools, servers, and applications.

The services we provide are flexible and dynamic, with incredible potential for action in emergency situations and the greatest deployment of responses to complex requirements.

We assist large and small companies. So we can provide the best level of service regardless of your infrastructure.

We have direct access channels to brands, thus ensuring that organizations can count on the strengths of both and the advantages of their synergy.

Our team is constantly trained through courses, webinars, seminars and certifications, which guarantees a deep knowledge of the technology used.

Centralizes all incident management in a single provider. Avoiding waste of time and money.

Benefits of our support

  • Immediate response to critical situations.

  • Reduction of technological costs.

  • Elimination of all bureaucracy and delay in attention.

  • Interaction with professionals who know the reality, technique, operations and politics of your company.

  • Global reduction of tasks for your IT staff.

  • Customization of a leading service to the size of your company.

  • Technology investment consulting to improve productivity.

  • Centralization of incident management in a single provider.

  • Telephone, online and on-site support.

  • Special attention in emergency.

  • Direct support mode and link to third-party support.

  • Issuance of service reports.

  • Expert opinion for decision-making at critical moments.

  • Attention statistics and control of occupied hourly load.

  • Post incident consulting to avoid repetitions and improve responses to similar events.

All Support Solutions, in one place

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