Email platform to grow your services and your company.

SYSEMC Cloud Mail  You can Benefit your company with a cheap and reliable alternative to any other mail server on the market. They achieve significant savings without sacrificing features or performance, increasing the security of their Emails and the functionality of their business.

Security, Privacy, Integrated Antispam, Antivirus, simplicity of configuration, compatibility with Outlook, GDPR and at the best cost.

Manage your costs

Pay according to number of users / month. No surprises. 


Antivirus and antimalware protection with multiple layers of security and protection.


Antispam protection with advanced heuristics.


Includes SSL certificate and compatibility with any internet browser.


Personalize webmail with your brand, and in your preferred language.

Multi platform

Accessible 24/7 from any device.

All features in one place.

Have full control to easily create calendar events, schedule meetings. You can allow other users to access their calendar or create public calendars so that the entire company can see their appointments.

Program your contact books being able to be private or share them with your colleagues. With full control of which other users have access to them.

Use Public User folders. These are additional folders that do not belong to any specific account, but that can be made available to multiple users of the company.

Share documents using shared folders. Being able to establish access permissions separately for each user and set the level to: Full Control, Edition, Reading or No Access. Furthermore, you can create any number of these folders and use them to store or share any type of file.

Many organizations use this tool more and more to keep people informed mainly with news, information of interest or an advertising bulletin.
Send a message to an address on the list, and it will go to the address of everyone listed.

The instant messaging service enables secure business chat between employees. Chat messages go directly through the network of mail servers, not over the Internet, as is the case with third-party instant messaging clients. Help maintain your company's security compliance policies.

Automatic backup

ecure backup, in our own Cloud Services.


You will be able to retrieve an email, even if you deleted it.


Unlimited storage space. Do much more.

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