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Server virtualization is a widespread trend that is currently implemented in practically every company or organization that has a data center, as it provides a more profitable, agile and simplified server environment. This technology involves using software on a server to create multiple virtual machines (VMs) on it that emulate a physical host. Each virtual machine can interact independently with other devices, applications, data and users, as if it were a separate physical resource.

Proper implementation improves hardware utilization, simplifies the data center environment, and significantly reduces operational, infrastructure, and consumption costs.



Decreases the number of physical servers, resulting in a direct reduction in hardware maintenance costs.


Through the implementation of a server consolidation strategy. 
Your business can increase the efficiency of space utilization in your data center.


By having each application within its own virtual server, you can prevent one application from impacting others when making improvements or changes.


Multiple operating system technologies can be deployed on a single hardware platform.

More Advantages

Improve responses

Increased responsiveness, agility, efficiency, and IT productivity.

Business continuity

Business continuity and disaster recovery are essential in companies.

Time out of service

Minimize or completely eliminate downtime from your operations and services.

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